Search engines look into your blog’s markup to find valuable information. They can’t see what the human eye sees and things like overall “look and feel” are not something that they can identify.
So you might look at a blog and think it is beautiful but if all the words inside links are things like “here” that isn’t terribly meaningful for a system. You should think carefully about what goes underneath the look and feel of your blog. One thing that helps is to use some free site analysis tools. This will make it more obvious to you where you might be going wrong. For example, let’s look at meta tags (see also: wikipedia). These tags are only ever seen by a system, and never visible to your readers. They were created to be read by systems. Here are some sites where you can check how well you’re doing on this front:

For more information, read one of these articles:

If you are scared about digging into your HTML, use this free meta tag generator.


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