The system identifies the popularity of a blog by looking at its stats and by finding links or other references to the blog from other blogs or websites. It does this by combining the ratings calculated in a few different ways: (i) it looks at all the recent posts from other bloggers to see if your blog is listed there (not in your own, sorry!) – the more your blog is linked to by others the higher your popularity; (ii) it uses Technorati stats but these don’t always work brilliantly; (iii) it uses Google Page Rank; and (iv) I have a (smallish) list of personal favorites which are mostly very high quality designers, and particularly quality template designers (like scrapandrea) which have their ratings increased because I have so little time I often don’t get through each daily list myself! When a blog links to or (e.g., as a blinkie, a blog award in a post, etc) this also increases the ranking for the blog. If a blog has a link to CraftCrave which is visible on the main blog page then the star rating for the blog is increased. Blogs which don’t link back to CraftCrave also have their star rating capped because I think it is fair to have some sort of pay-back system.

So, to increase your star rating, there are a few things you can do:

  • Improve the ability of the system to select the correct images from your post
  • Make sure your blog is registered at Technorati.
  • Add a CraftCrave blinkie (and make sure it actually links back to or
  • The more your blog is linked to by others (e.g., if someone else says your freebies are nice on their blog post) the higher your blog’s popularity will be.

The more you talk about each others blogs/freebies the more this will be reflected in the popularity scores. But remember, it’s always a comparison, so it’s the blogs that are referenced the most whose rankings go up. E.g., you might be referenced 5 times one day but if 80% of all the other blogs listed on that same day are referenced more than this it won’t actually help you.

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