The system that searches for freebies goes through each post and uses a bunch of rules to identify whether there is a freebie listed in the post. Because it’s a rule-based system (which is a type of artificial intelligence), it isn’t 100% accurate. This means that it will pick up some posts that do not actually contain freebies and also ignore some that do. It is fairly accurate, but it can also scan thousands of blogs every day – something that is humanly impossible. So please don’t blame the designers who are listed if they do not have freebies (unless, of course, they are “working the system” in which case please tell me so I can ban the blog).

There are a few tricks you can use to increase the likelihood that the system will pick up your blog post. Bear in mind that if you abuse this, I will ban your blog!

  1. The quickest way to do this is to modify the link to your freebie by adding a ?digifree or ?craftcrave to the end of the link. This will not affect the link in any way, but the system can identify this and pick up the link as a freebie. So, for example, I can change the link to my freebie to be instead. The link will still take you to the same place, but it will get picked up by the system more easily.
  2. The system uses rules to “add evidence” of a freebie, so the more of them that activate, the higher the likelihood and once it gets over a threshold you’re all good. One of the things that counts as strong evidence is to store your freebie in a well-known location for downloads such as dropbox. There are hundreds of similar sites, but I don’t always know of them all, so if your post uses one and isn’t picked up, let me know. Links that end with extensions of well-known compressed files such as .zip or .rar are also strong evidence.
  3. Having the term “freebie” in the title, body, link and tags all contribute.

Have fun!

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