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Today the CraftCrave Search Engine found 165 new Digital Scrapbooking Freebies.

Small Previews:

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Designer Spotlight – Arizona Girl
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Day Nine – Expect The Unexpected
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DD: Sep 05
DD: Sep 04
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CoffeeShop "Industrial Wall" 16x20 Photo Storyboard!
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Win it Wednesday! Play our game plus a freebie!
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$2 Tuesday
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As one door closes another one
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Scrapbooks gone Digital! Digital Scrapbooking Daily Download: SGD Daily Download file:
Scrapbooks gone Digital! Digital Scrapbooking Daily Download: SGD Daily Download file:
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New Share The Memories
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Local Motion by Billy Argel
Denmahis by Muhammad Nur
Belinda Script by Mr Letters
Amigos by Thirtypath
Summer Daisy by Billy Argel
Dalmatins by Sronstudio
Better Saturday by Din Studio
White Star by Din Studio
Earcy Night by Mas Anis Studio
Hello Bunda by Thirtypath
Kite Script by Twicolabs Fontdation
Breathaking by Zulkhairi M Saleh
Rhapsodize by dcoxy - Greg Medina
Turnaround by Darrell Flood
Paloseco by deFharo
Yellow Peas by Roland Huse Design
Quick Fuse by Chequered Ink

Small Previews:

Folk Festival by imagex
Rowdy Space Pirates by Chequered Ink
Strange Marvel by imagex
S&S Nickson One by Gilang Purnama Jaya
Grantmouth by Graptail Type Studio
Handletterink by Ari Fadli
Shooken by PremiereGraphics
Gemini Brush by Zansari
Zeuty Script by Maulana Creative
Made By Bears by The Branded Quotes
Jodie Badiston by Cotbada Studio
Shangrela by Halim Antoni
Bellasic by Ydhra Studio
Peach by Muhammad Nur
Chunky Chalk by Darrell Flood
Chalk about by Darrell Flood
School Rules by Jason NG
JMH Pulp Paperback by Jorge Morón
Indiana Jonas by Vít Čondák
Bigger by Vladimir  Nikolic
Reisenberg 2.0 by Sharkshock
Neighbor by Vladimir  Nikolic
Oestrogen by Chequered Ink
Strong Impact by imagex
Pixlashed by Vít Čondák
Heavy Metal Blight by imagex
WavEd by Edyta Majewska
S&S Grey Hood Seven by Gilang Purnama Jaya
Thatch by Muhammad Nur
Ellic Script by Syahputra
Annabeth by Muhammad Razi
Dicella by Syahputra

Small Previews:

Sidoraby by ilhamtaro
Fantastic by Syahputra
Seullanga by Zulkhairi M Saleh
Authentic by Muhammad Razi
Hello Patty by Jaime Rangel Castro
Patronia Script by Twicolabs Fontdation
Sweetness by Le Parte Studio
Genit by Motokiwo
Bali Paradiso by Daddi Daryawan
Black Sweet by Faldy Kudo
Nyoehoka by Zulkhairi M Saleh
Old Wise Lord by Galdino Otten
Whisper Quiet by Chequered Ink
Raptors by Darrell Flood
Zosilla by Chequered Ink
Layla by Kacper Węgrowski
Three Point by Mason Mulcahy
Library 3 am by Igor Kosinsky
Construction Lines by Chequered Ink
Gymnast by Jéson Garnica
Zosimo Hive by Jéson Garnica
Smashed by Vladimir  Nikolic
Athena by Ellen Luff
La Patio by Nasir Udin
Chinchilla by Muhammad Nur
Bromato by Manuel
Mevally by Noschey!
Krasomila by Vít Čondák
Halowen by Nirmana Visual
Nightmare by Randi Ilhamsyah
Anitype Redwood by Skyhaven Fonts
Ahoy Amigo by Konstantine Studio

Small Previews:

Orange Blossoms by Dez C
Wellington by Zansari
Wowi Typeface by Maulana Creative
Frogres by One Graphic
GhastlyPixe by Cyndi Ellis
Unbalanced by jeti
PaperCut by Pia Drent
Lambaretta by Pathero Studio
Ballada by Pathero Studio
Crash One by Pathero Studio
Shelldon by Abdul Azis
Geraldine by Megi Widodo
Chiko & Owlie by DM Letter31
Sandman by Fardeen Aly
Czar by Vladimir  Nikolic
Jaleas by Javier Rivas
Swamp Dog by Daniel Strash
Hocus by highandrising
XXII Geom Slab by Doubletwo Studios
Matilda The Iron Lady by Jéson Garnica
Mayon Exquisite by Jéson Garnica
Nagoya by Magang Letterhend
Hypertiroid by Faldy Kudo
Magical Stylish Script by Fontsgood
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Blysher by Eva Barabasne Olasz
Manhandle Slab by HENRIavecunK
Roadtest by eyecone
Progesterone by Chequered Ink
Summer Clasico DEMO by Konstantine Studio
Montello DEMO by David Kerkhoff

Small Previews:

Follow The Light DEMO by David Kerkhoff
Runaround Kid DEMO by David Kerkhoff
Band Wagon DEMO by David Kerkhoff
Glitter Candy DEMO by David Kerkhoff
Longitude Swashes by Syukur Setiyadi
Vermin Fleur by heaven castro
Bilyardeis by lepartestudio
Rowdy Space Pirates by Chequered Ink
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Nyomtatható füzetcímkék iskolakezdéshez
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New Release - "Bits and Bobs" plus a freebie
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Creative Team for LDrag Designs -   Tropical Escape and Coordinating Freebie
Creative Team for LDrag Designs -   Party Under the Stars and Coordinating Freebie
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Mermaid Journal freebie - there be mermen here!
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Giveaway #2: Burnout ebook
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Deals galore!
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Blog Freebie
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New Sweet September Collection and Freebie & CU store opening!
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Personal collection 9/5/2018
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2 new freebies !
Chalkboard ATC Freebie !
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FRAME_A_05-09-18     -     FREEBIE
FRAME_A_04-09-18     -     FREEBIE
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Kurale by Tipo
Amita by Tipo
Racing Sans One by Impallari Type
Amiko by Impallari Type
Catamaran by Pria Ravichandran
Palanquin by Pria Ravichandran
Bigger by vladimirnikolic
Tillana by Indian Type Foundry
Mitr by Cadson Demak

Small Previews:

Jomhuria by KB-Studio
Overpass Mono by Red Hat, Inc.
JMH Pulp Paperback by joorgemoron
Neighbor by vladimirnikolic
Smashed by vladimirnikolic

Enjoy your craft cravings!

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