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Today the CraftCrave Search Engine found 112 new Digital Scrapbooking Freebies.

Small Previews:

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DD: NOV 21
DD: NOV 20
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CoffeeShop "Social Media" Storyboard Set #51!
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Wonderful Winter Collection, $1.50 Each Pack, 6 & 10 Packs, Giveaway & Freebie
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iTunes: Sunshine Overlay
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Painted Abstract
Surface of Blue Swimming Pool
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Grab Bag Offers, Buy My Store Offer and More!
Coming Soon - Black Friday, Grab Bags and Freebies!
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Winter alphabet 4
Metallic Christmas icons 2
Metallic Christmas icons
Christmas alphabet 3
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Thanksgiving Sales, Freebies, and a Sneak Peek!
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Abalone by rochart
NETHER TYPE BETA 001 by nethertype
Refresher by Chequered Ink
Traviata by Traviata Bianca
Rabsy by D&K_Project
almaas by almaas
Viacom V Of Doom by Viacom
Amarula Personal Use by Billy Argel
Abhinov Asokan by abhinov
Mellati Script DEMO by Fathialghazi
happyycoda by septya anggraeni
Futuristic Armour by Chequered Ink
BywayEModified by Barry Stock Fonts
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November Digi Blog Train
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November Daily Download - Day 21

Small Previews:

Digi Blog Train
November Daily Download - Day 20
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GIMP képszerkesztő program és digitális scrapbook
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Creative Team, Annemarie, for GingerScraps -  Freezing Add On, Ooh La La Scraps
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$2 Tuesday, $5 PB Templates, and a Free Gift!
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Thanksgiving Freebies for You
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Knowledge@Kindle - Happy Thanksgiving and a FREEBIE
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More of Autumn Elegance & some family news
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Digi blogtrain list - Leukodystrophy Awareness
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DBTL: Leukodystrophy Awareness
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G&T Designs - Serendipity Re-release & Freebie
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SPLENDID AUTUMN - 11/21/2018
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freebie:  commercial use font
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FRAME_21-11-18     -     FREEBIE
FRAME_20-11-18     -     FREEBIE
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Baskervville by ANRT
Vtks Textones by douglas vitkauskas
VTKS Urbanizart by douglas vitkauskas
VTKS R78 EMD v2 by douglas vitkauskas
Gothland by Daymarius
BOLéD by studioaktype
Housttik Personal Use by studioaktype
Valerissa Personal Use by studioaktype
The Queenthine by davidkasidi
Bolde Rough by figuree
Under The Snow by figuree
BTX-ITTALLY by Betwixtdesigns
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Time to Dead by Woodcutter
Dream Her by Misti
Allegretta by Billy Argel

Small Previews:

Wildwest by Bagas Ardiatma
Dreamland by Geranium Space
Salikin by Bagas Ardiatma
Asklepios by Jhon Dafont
Kafka by mhdafifersya
Hefaistos by Jhon Dafont
Kharites by Jhon Dafont
Naila by blue studio09
Anjellic by blue studio09
Eileithyia by Jhon Dafont
Medinah by Bagas Ardiatma
Mainland by Måns Grebäck
Woodcutter Clásica by Woodcutter
Zallord by Husain Assyahid
Badtaste by Konstantine Studio
Birabella Script by Ferdiansyah
LilyWhite by Typefar
Anjellic Sans by blue studio09
Daisy Rae by Russ McMullin
Founder by Guguh Gumantoro
Rosalinda by FallenGraphic
Sweet Gentle by fontdroe
Indonesian by Daddi Daryawan
Sandhya by Unicode Studio
Vtks Lettering by Douglas Vitkauskas
VTKS Urbanizart by Douglas Vitkauskas
Vtks Textones by Douglas Vitkauskas
Philophobia by Chris Vile
Soiled Doves by Chris Vile
Frostbite Boss Fight by Chequered Ink
Pandora by Hotter Than Hell
Marz by DeMarco Hill

Small Previews:

Dugal by Mr Ginanto
Estave by Agustian Eko Saputro
Chabitta by Typefar
Brushylicious by Pollux of Geminorum
Snowy Day by Artspace Design
La Nueva Vieja Escuela by Woodcutter
RootBeer by jeti
Woodcutter Animal Faces by Woodcutter
Stranglethorn by Rometheme
Hegorustow by Rometheme
Mellati Script by Muhammad Fathi Al Ghazi
Alleiyana by Thirtypath
Rexmone by INKsTYPIA
Crochet by Woodcutter
Royalia by Typefar
Yello Lemon by blue studio09

Enjoy your craft cravings!

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