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Today the CraftCrave Search Engine found 239 new Digital Scrapbooking Freebies.

Small Previews:

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DD: Feb 07
DD: Feb 06
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CoffeeShop "Mendel" Fine Art Texture Set!
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New Release and Freebiees
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Let’s Blend Challenge
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Wet Pavement with Willow Leaves
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Live Stream Today 1pm ET & A New Pastel Class!
Confused about color? FREE watercolor conversion chart with mixing tips!
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Checking in Disneyland Hotel by Kellybell Designs
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Celebrate Your Scouts Today!
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Checking In Disneyland Hotel from Kelly
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December Pastel by Typhoon Type - Suthi Srisopha
Tosca Pen by Suzuran San
Striverx by Khurasan
Saltino by Khurasan
Enforce Justice by Atjcloth Studio
MADE Soulmaze Brush by MadeType
Misery Gymnast by Chequered Ink
Bosthon Brush by Ardyana Types
Fontania by Ardyana Types
BTX Lindas by Betwixt  Designs
Mystical Eyes by Billy Argel
Paradise Typeface by QueenType
Dreamlight Typeface by QueenType
Justwinch Signature by R Studio
Monster Game by cove703
Bringing on the Heartbreak by Misti
Elegant by Mohamad Fahrul Anggoro
Skyoval by IANMIKRAZ
Migdale by Bexxtype
Suci Marwati by Ana Natalia

Small Previews:

Putih Jasmine by Makashi
Lovely Valentine by Uloel Design
Lorden Holen by Inopatype
Hearty Script by Creative LAB
Bombinate by Sronstudio
Cephalonia by Letterhend Studio
Onelove by Abo Daniel
Klimaschutz by Chequered Ink
Aberforth Outline by Brittney Murphy Design
Hey Elsie by Subectype
Hey Elsie Cute by Subectype
Redhead Snake by Docallisme HAS Feat Dutsky
Velove by Ditya Ananto
KG Love Is Love Is Love by Kimberly Geswein
Martian Robotics by Darrell Flood
Space Obsessed by Chequered Ink
Rear Defender by imagex
62 Dragz by Youssef Habchi
Serpentire by Chequered Ink
MADE Soulmaze by MadeType
Sharpe by Måns Grebäck
Espoir Serif by Craft Supply Co.
Perspicacious by Sharvanna Kenny
Auntekhno Script by fey design
Brightside Typeface by QueenType
Robert Barack by cove703
Allicia by Billy Argel
The Black Cassanova by Inopatype
Isabella Script by Creative LAB
Muttaqin by Hasan Jasman
Marlies by Dikas Studio
Ring Master by Jonathan S. Harris

Small Previews:

Reallishmy by Java Pep
Tristan Script by Mercurial
DieCunst by Andriy Dykun
Bellaviesta by Daddi Daryawan
Easttalia by Garisman Studio
Alondria Bepah by Inopatype
The Capten Hoyda by Inopatype
Adelia Shawn by Inopatype
Hamilton by StudioAKTYPE
Hot Restaurant by cove703
Orectic Highlights by Nur Solikh
Marria Script by Creative LAB
Nadhine Script by IANMIKRAZ
Hamburg by Youthlabs Studio
Funshop by cove703
Maheera by cove703
Feeling Lovely by Subectype
Salwomen by Chairul Art
Catalan Signature by Star Studio
Pradyse by IANMIKRAZ
Broetown Signature by Oki Candra Setiawan
Salute Riches by fey design
Butter Luchy by fey design
Eden Hazard by aldedesign
Farrina by aldedesign
Mansions by onep 99
Krakatau by MaxnorType Studio
Katrine Holland by cove703
Yellow Rose by Jonathan S. Harris
Lazytime by Hedi Miftah
Funkie Bunny by Figuree Studio
Hood Army Stencil by Woodcutter

Small Previews:

Negative System by Woodcutter
Positive System by Woodcutter
Haute Corniche by HENRIavecunK
Dohong Kaliba by Inspira Sign
Lumberjack Zombie by Andriy Dykun
Bellanie Script by IANMIKRAZ
Bretageds by Indotitas Squad
Evelyne Script by QueenType
Melliana Script by IANMIKRAZ
Stefhanie Typeface by QueenType
Manyland by Craft Supply Co.
Sweet Buttermilk Script by Craft Supply Co.
Sweet Buttermilk Sans by Craft Supply Co.
Ubud Fest by Docallisme HAS Feat Dutsky
Tigeryen by Docallisme HAS Feat Dutsky
Meifen by Garisman Studio
Southen by Garisman Studio
Hesrat by Nirmana Visual
Under Type by Khurasan
Splat Attack by Jonathan S. Harris
Famous Spaceships 2 by Iconian Fonts
Pagan Symbols by Woodcutter
Smartphone Color Pro by elharrak
Font Logos Programs by elharrak
Font Google Color by elharrak
Font Logos Technology by elharrak
Funny Aliens by Vladimir  Nikolic
Andy Capp by Woodcutter
Feira da Sulanca by Charles Morais
Mustachos by Vladimir  Nikolic
American Sign Language by Woodcutter
Kids Drawings by Vladimir  Nikolic

Small Previews:

Pupies by Ding Bang
Romantine Dingbat by Subectype
Bocartes fritos by deFharo
Tierfarm by Vladimir  Nikolic
Tiki Idols by Woodcutter
Greek Column by Woodcutter
Maze by Woodcutter
Protocol by Vladimir  Nikolic
Chadlershire by Ferry Septian
MonsTerio by Fachran Heit
Gedeboog by Fachran Heit
New Bartons by Indotitas Squad
Shutten Reason by fey design
Rosedita by cove703
Caramello by fey design
Young Blood Solid by fey design
Moontany by Masdika Studio
Bigfish by alphArt
Bummill by Awan Studio
Hand of Hee by Kristi Smith
Nour Manise by Subectype
Harold Flower by Subectype
Hello Linnea by Subectype
Charllie by FallenGraphic
Cherish by Nur Kholis
Alysha by Nur Kholis
Aligator by Nur Kholis
Sild by Edric Studio
Bimfly by pointlab studio
Antefand by mightype
Slender Thin by HandletterYean

Small Previews:

Crazy Hearts by Jonathan S. Harris
26 More Kisses by Misti
MF Love Dings 2 by Misti
Yumaro by monocotype
School by Mr Letters
The Capone Gang Bege by aldedesign
Ninja Julietta by aldedesign
Black Mamba by aldedesign
Charlotte Paraline by aldedesign
Moon Light by Gigih Wiryana
Kerithing by cove703
Happy Ending by Ditya Ananto
Alifia by Figuree Studio
Semirang by Haris Prawoto
Mranggens by Haris Prawoto
Bella Armanda by Gigih Wiryana
Quick Divine by Subectype
Abunas by Growonk
Bodge by UkiyoMoji Fonts
Moedyningsih Shadow by SSI.Scraps
Neptunes by Riska Kurniawan
Henshin Sans by Gartype Studio
Borobudur by Konsepta Studio
Forever Together Sans by Figuree Studio
Nordin by Craft Supply Co.
Bataler by Eldertype Studio
Rigenno by Romli Nur Hidayat
Con Safos by Richie Mx
Zerohate by Fachran Heit
The Lovely Script by Randi Ilhamsyah
Camella Beauty Script by Gigih Wiryana
Donatas Script by Gigih Wiryana

Small Previews:

Chattagirie by Nanda Hardiansyah
Diableg by Universe & Co.
Euro Western by Woodcutter
Jocker by Craft Supply Co.
Marcela Script by Creative LAB
NF Lukara by
Olivia by Good Java Studio
Speed Grams by Woodcutter
Scarify by Joseph Dawson
Under World by Ditya Ananto
Alchemion by Nomad Visuals Co.™
Jakarta by Bories Bechker
Ameliana by HandletterYean
Gary Fisher by Onega Matos
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New collection: PRETTY PAWS: DOGS! Plus a fun freebie for you!
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Allicia Personal Use by Billy Argel
Xylene by figuree
MORGENTA by FanaStudio
BRINGDOWN by FanaStudio
FORGOTTEN by FanaStudio
Bettalia by FanaStudio
The Refano by figuree
December Pastel - Personal Use by Typhoon Type - Suthi Srisopha
Certainly by Joseph Dawson
Scarify by Joseph Dawson
Ring Master by Jonathan S. Harris
Dantina by fikryal
Martian Robotics by Darrell Flood
Sandra Belhock Italic by cove703
Sandra Belhock by cove703
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Napisy wielkanocne free
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My Heart from Whispy

Small Previews:

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Blog Entry 07 02 2019
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Free Clothing Giveaway
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Valentine inchies
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DigiJen: AnXiEtY
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Hygge Collection - new from OTFD
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New Hygge Collection from PattyB Scraps
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Time for Love
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Spring Freebies for You!
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freebie: shapes photoshop brushes and image pack
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February Daily Download - Day 8
February Daily Download - Day 7
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NM_FRAME_08-02-19     -     FREEBIE
NM_FRAME_07-02-19     -     FREEBIE

Enjoy your craft cravings!

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