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Today the CraftCrave Search Engine found 94 new Digital Scrapbooking Freebies.

Small Previews:

Project Mouse vibes character project life card freebies
Let’s Blend Challenge – Using Texture
Get a free kit
Langrish Sans by ocansProject33
Langrish Script  by ocansProject33
Thomas Elegant by starinkbrush
Amuse-Bouche by Chequered Ink
Jirogi by Polahtype
Ninjos by Polahtype
Funiko by Polahtype
Ideofarma by KSHTRGYN
S-PHANITH_THINKE by Suonmay Sophanith
International Super Hero by Iconian Fonts
US Army II by Iconian Fonts
Stranger Danger by Iconian Fonts
Starduster by Iconian Fonts
Spartaco by Iconian Fonts
Warp Thruster by Iconian Fonts
Cats and Flowers Freebie
TSSA AL4L Blog Train Freebie
Natural Beauty and Freebie
Happy National Pet Day!
New Kits And Freebies
Spring Bunnies 7 freebie
DBTL bundle 14
April Daily Download - Day 11
NM_FRAME_11-04-19      -      FREEBIE
Freebie for Thursday
freebie: messy border lines set 2
2019 Tax Day Restaurant Freebies and Deals
FREE Coffee, Hot Tea or Self-Serve Cappuccino at Wawa
lovely valentine by UloelDesign

Small Previews:

FRESH by inspiratype
Chomsky by copypaste
Heartwrecked by Brittney Murphy Design
Wrong Hunt by Lettersiro Studio
Lost World by Lettersiro Studio
Anial by Symphony Studio
Monster World by Lettersiro Studio
Honey Lemon by DM Letter31
Precious Soul by Fikry Alif
Fashion Script by FallenGraphic
Eiffela by Bexxtype
Virale by Khurasan
Yulinda Script by mightype
Adelarsio by Inopatype
Just Kelly Justine by Khurasan
Sandrina by Inopatype
Tempe by Khurasan
Bointang Cifoy by Adefa Studio
Galea by Khurasan
Alamode by DM Letter31
Teller by hati
Alvaro by InspiraType
Romarya by josstype
Spoiled Girl by WD font
Maryland by Rivo Dwi Adriansyah
Stasya by PutraCetol Studio
The Gunslinger Waterdrop by Figuree Studio
Victories by Victories
Retro Thunders by Lettersiro Studio
White Pinky by Khurasan
Puppy by DM Letter31
Angry Monsta by DM Letter31

Small Previews:

Cutie Bunnie by DM Letter31
Kecap by Eko Bimantara
Waffle Latte by PutraCetol Studio
Baseboy Greak by Inopatype
Strip Deco by PutraCetol Studio
Melvick by DM Letter31
Die Frau by Chequered Ink
Moonglade by Herofonts™
Bankwesen by Vladimir  Nikolic
Surf Breaks Swash by Illushvara
Err Hostess by Chequered Ink
En Garde by Andros Souza
Team MVP by Out of Step Font Company
Greenland by Haris Prawoto
Journey by Symphony Studio
Notalistic by Bexxtype
Adinda by WD font
Kalem by Symphony Studio
Kemistale by desmon
Jasmine by Jos Gandos
Allianta by Ditoollis Project
Riverswell by Holydie Studio
Blue Ocean by Jos Gandos
Crash Mounty by Inopatype
Pirate Scroll by Jayde Garrow
CS Nancy Halfblock by Craft Supply Co.
Sebastien Slab Round by Out of Step Font Company
Rosemary by DM Letter31
Blame by Knackpack Studio

Enjoy your craft cravings!

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