This blog is dynamically constructed by a computer program. You can think of it as an automated search engine for freebies, tutorials, challenges, etc found in other craft blogs. The program works by going through a list of thousands of blogs that it has found and it scans those blogs to identify (1) if they have been updated since the system last looked and (2) if they contain any new freebies etc. If both of these are true, then the system lists it here. It uses a bunch of “rules/patterns” to identify useful posts in blogs and then another bunch of “rules/patterns” to try to find the best preview image to use. So I don’t have to do this myself and nor do you! It also keeps a lookout for new blogs that are mentioned and tests each one to see if it can detect freebies etc there.

So when you look through this site, you need to always remember that it’s constructed by a computer program, so it makes more mistakes than a human would. Not all the items will be useful and not all the preview images the best pick. There are ways you can help the search engine which will be answered in other threads.

This all started in 2005 with DigiFree, which I believe was the first automated summarisation blog in the world. But let me know if you don’t agree 😉

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