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Small Previews:

Creasi by rudhisasmito
Bestalia by Haksen Creative Co
Ralyne by Putra Khan Studio
Razan Script by Khurasan
Almairah by Muhammad Romzul Khoir
Saturday Champagne by Roland Huse Design
Brian Strait by Mas Anis Studio
Richie Youthfield by Mas Anis Studio
Naycila by Nur Cholis Majid
Rhiner by Mr. Typeman
Ecuador by fontsme
Penelope by Muksalmina Mercurial
Nichole Script by Ari Fadli
Alex Dirte by Ari Fadli
Strike Alone by Ari Fadli
Anthares by Wacaksara Co
Manhattan by Ydhra Studio
Humilde by Mr Letters
Luna Luna by Jaime Rangel Castro
Pharosi by Ydhra Studio
Aliment by Måns Grebäck
Alesand by Solidtype
Cinqcent by Chequered Ink
Class-357 by Matthew Willsone
Megan June by Chequered Ink
Big Old Boldy by Chequered Ink
Lucinta Luna by Rizki Mrdth
Haike by Otto Maurer Design
Lamon by Abdusselam Öndin
501 by Chequered Ink
The Shift by Aan kurniawan
Octagen Black by deFharo

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