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Today the CraftCrave Search Engine found 98 new Digital Scrapbooking Freebies.

Small Previews:

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Last Day to Get 40% Off at A Fish Design’s Store
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DD: Aug 08
DD: Aug 07
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CoffeeShop "Vintage Photo Edit" Kit: Part 1, Worn Glass Plate Texture!
CoffeeShop "10x20 Long" Storyboard Set #47!
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Wednesday Game and a Freebie!
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$2 Tuesday and Summer Nights On Sale
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Digital Gesso Work and Free Quick Page
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$2 Tuesday for August 7th & Freebie!
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New Freebies Kit of Backgrounds - Summer Rain
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Blog Entry 2018-08-07
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NEW CU & PU Products & Store Wide Birthday Sale!
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Hephest Modern by HealthyFood
Love Like This by Misti
Motivota by 538Fonts
Chevelure by 538Fonts
Something Random by 538Fonts
Tekno Beat by 538Fonts
Blessings of Babylon by Chequered Ink
WarioLand4TT by heaven castro
Bad Unicorn DEMO by Misti
Justify by madeDeduk
Munistic by Podbrosok
My Font by D.Frohwein
Subway Scribble by D.Frohwein
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3 New Freebies !
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Creative Team, Annemarie, for GingerScraps -  August 2018 Free with Purchase – Bee Happy
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Blog Entry 06 08 2018
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Magnificent Mayhem Encore Freebie

Small Previews:

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Personal collection - ALL TIED UP - 8/8/2018
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More of Sleep Over freebie
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This Is Me August Butterflies
This Is Me August Alpha 01
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Short and sweet...
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FRAME_A_07-08-18     -     FREEBIE
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August Freebie #4
August Freebie #3
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August Daily Download - Day 8
August Daily Download - Day 7
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Modish by vladimirnikolic
Animales by vladimirnikolic
Peoples by vladimirnikolic
Betterday Calligraphic by creativeworkstudio
Assyrian by vladimirnikolic
Womano by vladimirnikolic
Passage by vladimirnikolic
Radcliffe by Zetafonts
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Larizo by Letterhend Studio
Megattor by Letterhend Studio
Certhas by 7NTypes
Modesta by Letterhend Studio
Rose Colored by Letterhend Studio
Qeiza by 7NTypes
Amelisa by Syahputra
Phoenix by Tuanku Muhammad Iqbal
Cassandre by dcoxy - Greg Medina
Gloriant Signature by Letterhend Studio
Nilky & Miky by 7NTypes
Hettas by 7NTypes

Small Previews:

Kaylar by Letterhend Studio
Jouska by Letterhend Studio
Mandatory Script by Letterhend Studio
Dear Jane by Letterhend Studio
Marttabuck by Letterhend Studio
Hipsterious by Letterhend Studio
Fattana by 7NTypes
Boardley by Craft Supply Co.
Requires Moonshine by Chequered Ink
Virale by Piratype
Matrixdancer by Piratype
Bacotu by Hiep Tong
Quantrum by Nancy Gürtler
Stroud by Chequered Ink
Blood Seeker by Knackpack Studio
Beauty forest by Agung Harto
Sword Shit by Muhammad Fathi Al Ghazi
Mudica by Fadli Ramadhan Iskandar
Kingbirds by Letterhend Studio
Assyrian by Vladimir  Nikolic
MeowsPhone MkIII by Bruce Turner
Primitiva by JardsonJean
Hussar Motorway by KineticPlasma Fonts
Novo Deco Ornaments by Intellecta Design
Frames by elharrak
Love Social Media by elharrak
Color Saudi Arabia by elharrak
Ornamentos Orlas y Vinetas LGt by Manuel Lage
Sumber Jaya by 7NTypes
Having Fun by 7NTypes
Take Easy by Letterhend Studio
Sumatera by

Small Previews:

Milloyste by 7NTypes
Retrology by Letterhend Studio

Enjoy your craft cravings!

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