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Today the CraftCrave Search Engine found 150 new Digital Scrapbooking Freebies.

Small Previews:

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CoffeeShop "Dark Pavement" Texture/Overlay!
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FREE Digital Scrapbooking Template / Sketch – November 2018
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DD: Nov 07
DD: Nov 06
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Brown Beech Leaves
Autumn Maple and Chestnut Leaves
Vintage Brick Wall
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FREE Template, Free with Purchase Kit + Coupon Code!
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Fall Scarecrow and Vintage Wishbone Kids
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Christmas Miracle by Måns Grebäck
Cheetah Kick by Typhoon Type - Suthi Srisopha
Batoshi by hustletter
Diora by hustletter
Detrimental by dcoxy - Greg Medina
Beindog Gite by masterpiece_art
Alakita by Zulfikar Ali
Anette by Billy Argel
Vracter Work by Pollem Studio
Autines Script by Musafir LAB
Lagena by Muhammad Akbar
Dialova by aldedesign
Manda Script by Musafir LAB
Mellanie by QueenType
Sugar & Spice by Brittney Murphy Design
Gulya Script by aldedesign
Parabellum by Alexander Tiunov
Antelope by Pollem Studio
Miracle by Halim Antoni
Puralova by Creative Media Lab
Marlena by Honey Studio
Better Caramel by Sronstudio

Small Previews:

Marshmallow by Billy Argel
Anastasia Script by OldStudioo
Wild Wanderlust by Bhavika Malhotra
Stone Soul by Alexander Tiunov
Light Wandals by Måns Grebäck
VTKS Autorized by Douglas Vitkauskas
Thanksgiving Cooker by Attype Studio
Shitzu & Porko by dcoxy - Greg Medina
The Hurraca Company by Woodcutter
KG Crossing A Line by Kimberly Geswein
zai Consul Polish Typewriter by Tomasz Skowroński
Finished Sympathy by Chequered Ink
Delichia Script by Wacaksara Co
Roody Last by Attype Studio
Palamia by Typefar
New Amsterdam by Vladimir  Nikolic
Kagura by Ef Studio
Masquerouge by Angga Mahardika
One Slice by Chequered Ink
Pauraque Serif by NimaVisual
Ana by Vladimir  Nikolic
Quantik by Alan Parker
Nova Classic by Alan Parker
Provoke by Alan Parker
Broadwell by Alan Parker
VersaBlock by Alan Parker
Greenstyle by Alan Parker
PC Navita by Alan Parker
Logico Sans by Alan Parker
Iwanbanaran Weight by aldedesign
Bromount by Ojo Ngintype
Avicenna by Artspace Design

Small Previews:

Spala Mars by Attype Studio
Moon Knight by Attype Studio
Square by Trim Studio
Spantaran by Nurf Designs
Airlangga by Ojo Ngintype
Simplicy by Ojo Ngintype
Black Jack by Prototype Studio
Jamilah by hustletter
Older Historica by Malindo Creative
American by aldedesign
Valerissa by StudioAKTYPE
Darla Script by Alan Parker
Beloved Journey by Irvan R
Melliana by ed creative
Chery Rush by Degi Kurniawan
Downtown by Ingga Nafasyah
Boulevard Script by Ingga Nafasyah
Allabama by FallenGraphic
Billortte One by aldedesign
Billortte Two by aldedesign
Bright Daddy by Thirtypath
Sheyna by Halim Antoni
Kracktone by Thirtypath
The Kastle by Muhammad Akbar
Maheishia by Muhammad Akbar
The Flashter by Muhammad Akbar
Calega by Musafir LAB
Cadosa Script by Musafir LAB
The Attention by aldedesign
Kaitlyne by Halim Antoni
Hand Strike by Java Pep
Kayla by Muhammad Akbar

Small Previews:

Buffalo by Muhammad Akbar
Blester by Muhammad Akbar
Kasattack by Pinecone Arcade
Hokjesgeest by Tup Wanders
Hokjesgeest Cube by Tup Wanders
Javanese Neu by Artspace Design
Penguins by Vladimir  Nikolic
Kitties by Vladimir  Nikolic
Creatoon by Richard Bagus Wibowo
Ailand by Musafir LAB
Le Lissage by Rengga Eka Zulkarnaen
Tanzania by Prototype Studio
Lacoruna by Em Nazar
Gittelya by Makashi
Natasya by Halim Antoni
Julian Thomas by Halim Antoni
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Star Doors by Chequered Ink
Shocking Headline by Chequered Ink
Conserta DEMO by Konstantine Studio
Natural Script by Creative LAB
Manda Script by Creative LAB
Eaglese Script  by Creative LAB
ALISEO by RC graphics
Harmonial by RC graphics
Basicaline by RC graphics
Standaris by RC graphics
Girly Things Demo Version by Fontsgood
Vermin Vibes Diet by Chequered Ink
Vermin Vibes eX by Chequered Ink
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FREE Digital Scrapbooking Template / Sketch – November 2018

Small Previews:

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WooCommerce 3.5 is out
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7th–8th Grade Reading List
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Ready for a new freebie?
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A little pastel in freebie
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SPLENDID AUTUMN personal collection continues
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freebie: 5″x7″ png snow overlays
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November Daily Download - Day 7
November Daily Download - Day 6
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FRAME_A_07-11-18     -     FREEBIE
FRAME_A_06-11-18     -     FREEBIE
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Fragua by deFharo
ALISEO by RCgraphics
Harmonial by RCgraphics
Basicaline by RCgraphics
Khula by Erin McLaughlin
Standaris by RCgraphics
Blocus by Velvetyne Type Foundry
Boeticher by Velvetyne Type Foundry
BilboINC by Velvetyne Type Foundry
Terminal Grotesque by Velvetyne Type Foundry
Galiver Sans Obliques by xxjjoosengx0xx

Enjoy your craft cravings!

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